Saturday, September 8, 2018

Crazy week

I need something stronger
Than tea in this cup
The holiday week started out fine
I went to work Tues ......
Wed morning I woke up like a mack truck hit me and called in to work

Thurs when I was driving to work my car stalled in the middle of a busy intersection
I coasted to the other side of the street but it wouldnt even let me shift it into park
Every dash light was flashing
Ugh so called work and they sent our mechanic in the towtruck to get me to work
Then he looked at the car and diagnosed what was wrong
Had it towed to garage
And got the call nobody wants
It is $957 to fix it
Some pump and serpentine belt and yadda yadda that connects the alternator to the battery
And of course Not covered by the warranty

so I Worked all week and part of next just to fix it. My whole check
And then some

And my best buddy wasnt emailing me.
She was in the hospital
Having surgery to fix a problem

She is home and better so that is good.
But man this has been a really tough week.
Could be worse.......
Glad we are both on the other side of the hill
Today I have to get my car sticker 

Wish me luck
I need it!


Julierose said...

Oh Dawn what a week--glad it's in the past, right? You do need a little nip of something--maybe some good luck --what is it they say? "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!!" ;((( Things have to look up now...for sure hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

so sorry for your bad week, hope next week is super

Lady Jane said...

Hate that you are having so much bad luck. I will say a little prayer it will ease up soon. They come in threes or so they say, so it will be all good luck from there. Hugs, lj

Donna said...

Wow Dawn! Hope you and Jacky have a better week! You both deserve it! More prayers and hugs coming your way!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your horrible week! Take care and I hope things get better soon--although I read the "Reject" sticker post before this one, so I know that you have more coming your way after this post. I'm so sorry. Best wishes to Julierose, too.