Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Does a bear you know what in the woods?

A little more progress on brothers bear potholder
A little fiddly turning those little paw pad pieces
I use an old trick I learned years ago that may help those of you who are not applique fans
I sew the piece right sides together to a used dryer sheet
Then slit the sheet and turn inside out
It helps with tiny pieces to turn the edge
So you can applique it down
I will hand stitch these on as I want the
Edges to stay nice and I will also
Machine applique them on.
Then it will be time to get out the claws
And sew the batting and insulbrite layers in and finish it off
My brother who cooks and loves bears is gonna
LOVE this for the cabin.....
He is bringing me Maine apples this weekend to make "blapple jam"
It is a family story of when his girls were small and they were making an apple pie with him but needed more filling so added blueberries.  He asked them what should they call it and the term Blapple came about.
So we often request blapple pie
Or blapple jam
Just in case you ever come to our house. .....
Now you know
The rest of the story.....LOL


Julierose said...

What a cute oven mitt --he will just love it!! Blapple is so perfect--kids come up with he best words..hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

that will be the cutest pot holder said...

Cute potholder. Even though I have been in the boonies, I can read, but not comment. Heading back to the boonies tomorrow on the way home. Muah! Miss you!