Monday, September 17, 2018

Getting things checked off the list

This was weighing on my mind.
Rich's parents stone needed the dates
Put on of their deaths.
It was supposed to be in the prepaid package from the funeral home but they said it wasnt and we didn't Have any paperwork so we had to pay to have it done.
So we contacted them in late May,sent a deposit in June
And just now when we asked for the 3rd time if it was done they said it was.
We went there to make sure. So now we can pay the rest and feel like this task is finally done and right.

So last night as hubs watched some Alaska frontier show I started a spa cloth
For the girl's stockings
I need to make FIVE 

Surprise by my friend Jacky
She felt good enough to get out
And about and brought me a peach 
Big enough to feed a family of 4
See normal plum in picture for
Size reference 
So glad she is feeling better 😁


Julierose said...

So good to have that done, isn't it?
Glad to hear that Jacky is up and around...that peach looks just luscious--enjoy hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

it's usually in the package down here

Jeanna said...

Checking things off the list is always a good thing...even when it is a sad thing.

The spa cloth looks interesting.