Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sewing on the holiday

I have a nasty cold but decided I needed to
Trudge on with my plans
My sewing buddies were under the weather too

But this sewing buddy was anxious to start 

He ran and beat me into the sewing room
I ended up finishing the 5 stockings 

I had a panel of 4 Debby 
Mumm stockings and I made the 5th the same size but just of  Christmas fabric.

Then I Chose backings for the
They will be ready to quilt and bind on
Another day.
I painted my tins to hold my magnets.

Then I made a trivet
Of scraps

How cute is that?
Sewed a 16 patch of  2.5 squares
Quilted it
Cut an 8 inch circle
And bind it.
Cute and easy

I found a piece of camo fabric 
And made a chapstick keychain
As a surprise for Landon.
It is always fun to get fun mail

Not too bad for a sick lady huh?


Julierose said...

beautiful stockings--love the backings also..great work on these despite your cold..;(((
hugs to feel better Julierose

barbara woods said...

Looks great for a sick fdriend, hope you get better soon

Jeanna said...

Well that answers my earlier question. The stockings turned out great. You do amazing work, even a woman who isn't sick.