Saturday, September 22, 2018

Today at the ranch.......

I think next is to pull 
2.5 squares to make
Another block.....
Then surround it with solid
Gray is appealing to me
So I need to measure and see if I can 
Use what I have to finish this up.
The baby is due in Feb
But it will be nice to be AHEAD for once

This needs to get taken care of

And this will be my
Relax before bed project

If you can call it relaxing  to
Count stitches while
Uh hm someone is talking to you
AND TWO CATS are chasing the yarn around
Nothing worse than trying to knit and the yarn is wet. Ughhhhh
I always wash them before I wrap
But still.......
Still coughing a little
Seems it is not a cold but is a virus
And it is going round and round with kidsback to school etc.

I am feeling better just cant kick the nasaldrip and cough


Julierose said...

Oh not that car line again!! Well, at least you can knit while you wait?
sorry that cough is hanging around--no fun..Hope it goes away soon--have a great weekend...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

u forgot to feed the cows first!