Sunday, October 7, 2018

A visit with a friend

Yesterday was a busy day. Errands and haircut etc but I was missing my friend so stopped in on the way home. 
She was cutting parts for a tree table runner
So pretty

Love that fabric dont you?

And this was a start to another  project
For the kiddos to get 

How adorable are these?

And she made matching cups 
Too cute

So cute I ordered a set for some kiddos I know

Leave it to Jacky to make some pretty cool stuff.  Told her husband to let me know when she makes the cookies to put on them. Hee hee
M and favorite
How was your Saturday?


barbara woods said...

she is creative, needs a blog

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love her projects! I was off and Saturday and got lots done! I'm finally getting back to normal. said...

How does Jacky get so much done? Always something new and exciting.

Jeanna said...

The halloween plates and cups are adorable and fun. The cookies sound good, too!