Friday, October 26, 2018

All in a day

After working all day I Have been 
Coming home and making jam
One batch blapple....blueberry apple 
One batch caramel apple

Yesterday I took a little break
As I was scared

You see my day was weird
From the time I got up

I knitted a little instead of sewing
I didnt want to sew
The start of a bad day for sure

And I almost started this 
Hoping to make for one brother
[There us a funny raccoon story in our family]

I visually took inventory as 
My Christmas box runneth over
So decided to ponder over a cuppa what my next move is

This started my day all in the wrong direction.
My fav coffee cup handle broke
And I cant get another cup like this.


So I used another cat cup that one of the nieces got me for Christmas
Isnt it funny how you "save" special things?
Well she had to be put to use as the coffee would drip through my hands with no cup

And I wont TELL you what happens if I use hubbys.....he has a certain size cup and it had better be available for his morning! Lol

I was running late and I had to scrape windows on the car so was cursing under my breath already

Finally get going and hit the time of the train.... 5 min from my house.....
More delay....sitting there watching car after car go by as there is nothing I can do but wait

Only problem is when I get the train near my house , I also get it near work

So another delay....grrrrr

Get to work....truck on my scale.
I rushed to get in door and 



Couldnt wait for the day to end and GO home 

we get our mail from the mailroom so I stopped and got the mail

And look what came !
A postcard from my great nephew Landon
From his cruise

I smiled all the way home.....

Love him💖

4 comments: said...

Awe sweetie, your day was worse, but I have had a couple of days like that lately too.

Julierose said...

Oh so sorry about your day...sounds even worse than my migraine--it won't seem to go away...
need to just rest and relax a bit--drinking an extra cuppa coffee to help with it...
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

children always brighten your day

Jeanna said...

Awe...the day was challenging for sure but it ended on quite a nice note (no pun intended).