Saturday, October 13, 2018

Craft fairs are fun

I went to my brothers house. He had some apples, a squirrel feeder,pinecones and canning jars for me. Yeah, I know. He treats me well.
On the way to get groceries, there was a craft show so I went.

It was raining and vendors were outside so under plastic and it was tough for them to sell.
Look at this cool leaf plate I got.she made it out of cement and a leaf from her garden.

I love it

He got me half bushel of apples favorite 

This is a wooden layered bowl I bought for Rich

A different view

The inside
So cool

A bracelet for me
So purty

So when I went for groceries I got a few things for my brother. He and Dad was talking about making a dump cake so got him a cake mix and pie filling. Also got Dad some cook pudding. His store only has instant which he hates.
He was surprised when I brought it all to him........
Then I did the unthinkable.......I showed my brother PINTEREST. LOL


Julierose said...

Such a pretty plate and love that wooden bowl...beautiful coloration...hugs Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love your purchases from the craft fair. That wooden bowl is wonderful! Sounds like a fun day!! said...

Great purchases. You got a squirrel feeder? ROFL I agree with dad. Cooked pudding tastes better.

Barb said...

That wooden bowl is just the leaf as well. Sounds like you have a fun family.

barbara woods said...

love all your finds! glad you spend some time with them

Jeanna said...

You had some nice success at the craft fair. That bowl is gorgeous, as is your new bracelet. You are in big trouble now...your brother had ideas for your BEFORE you showed him Pinterest.