Monday, October 15, 2018

My 89 dollar thread

One of my readers.......
Whose name I wont mention
Said I could not go and just get thread 
And I said yes I can 
I dont need any more fabric
So I innocently go into Joanns
And another friend emails me the super duper coupons
Yeah. Great great sales......
How can a gal resist?
I did NOT buy fabric
And I did get some Christmas gifts too

I got this quilt as you go book

A knitting magazine with an adorable raccoon bag kit

And a table toppers book.

Yeah cause I NEED them right?
You use up the fabric I have

So 89 dollars later...........
And I used a coupon too

Oh boy


Julierose said...

It is surely a dangerous place to "visit" lol Almost as bad a the "few things" to pick up at the grocery--$100 dollars later...yup...whoever sets up the displays certainly knows how to draw you in, right? Hard to got a nice haul...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

It's amazing how fast that money goes up when all you get are bargains said...

ROFL but no fabric. Those were 2 very expensive ones of thread.

Jeanna said...

Oh my... what is the saying? You have to spend money to save money.