Thursday, October 11, 2018

Oh baby.....

I went into the sewing room not knowing what I wanted to work on. Dunkin was being a brat and trying to eat threads and got kicked out twice. I  was getting aggravated. 
So decided to clean a corner and see what was in there.
I found a pack of flannel charms and they were yellows and grays.....
so I opened it
And sewed 2 x 2
Then 4x4
And made a quilt 6 blocks by 7 rows to use the whole pack

I like it
The rows were done before work 
And sewn together after work

I will have to buy flannel for the back.
But for now it is a cute little top

What have you found lately in your sewing room?


barbara woods said...

haven't found that first template that you sent me but I am cutting with the last one you sent.

Jeanna said...

Oh I love those colors!

I just finished knitting a cowl that my Mom requested for her upcoming birthday.