Saturday, October 6, 2018

Olaf is moving along......

When I look at these pics
And compare the block placements

I see things I think I will change
See that log cabin kinda block at
The top left bottom picture?

If in this position I feel like I need one
For each corner kinda as a frame
But...... in the top pic it doesn't bother me

Funny how placement matters

I also feel my new additions have more
Greens in them

I like them but wonder if I should stick
More to blues and whites 

I think it is because that blue
Background on Olaf

Not sure 
I dont need this one asap yet
It is a "make it cause I have the parts"
Kinda project with no recipient in mind yet

What brings a project to the top of the list for you?

1. You want it outta your sight already
2. There is an
3. There is a person you think would love it
4. You just love making that pattern and cant stop
5. You recently acquired the perfect fabric for the border,back,etc and want to finish it while you know where they all are

What motivates you to finish a project?

I used to buy all matchy matchy fabrics for a specific project and work on it till it was done. Then when I wanted to learn new techniques I found I was more creative taking ideas and expanding on them.....
You know the what ifs.......
What if I switch the light and darks
What if I use scrappy background
I now kinda half follow a pattern but make it my own
I was on a roll using squares
In my mini granny tabletopper
In my geese migration
Sewing machine mats

Then slabbing caught my fancy 
Using up scraps
Making slab quilts and cat mats and mugrugs

What is your favorite way to quilt?
Are You  a big block girl

A modern quilter

A log cabin kinda gal

Rainbow colors
Teeny blocks 
Civil war colors?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


Julierose said...

You know, I cannot tell you what I like best--as it seems to change moment to moment (urg!!:000 ). I seem to like working on strips, squares and flippy corners the most--I'd like to make a Christmas "Snowball" lap quilt I think..after my stars are done (after they've set hahaha) and my strips are sewn, too..I jump around a lot (not literally--bad visual ) from this to that..
I think Olaf will be just SO adorable and I like the little bits of green--just enough to spark the all blue and whiteness... I think...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I move from one project to another to another to another said...

I move from project to project. But I am really trying to finish things up.

Jeanna said...

I can offer more than one answer for each of your questions but then I'd be writing a book. I mostly work best under pressure, like it needs to be finished before a birthday or Christmas.