Saturday, October 13, 2018

Plenty of inspiration everywhere

Are you getting all kinds of catalogs this time of year?
Nancys notions
Annies attic
Connecting threads 

I love my cuppa tea and a catalog for some ideas

I saw these cute spools. Maybe after the holidays.....

Blogs are posting quilt show pictures....
So fun
Who doesnt love a quilt show?

Good news on the baby quilts
I guess I had esp because she is having a boy
The boyish neutral one will be great
So I think two little quilts and some burp cloths and bibs will fit the bill for a nice gift 
She is due in Feb so probably a shower around Dec

At least the two tops are done.
I ran out of thread and now have to go to the store
How can that happen? Ugh

4 comments: said...

I tore a pattern out of the Shabby Fabrics catalog. I also snapshot pics and save them on my computer. Good call for baby. You ran out of thread? Seriously how could that ever happen. The chances are about as good as me running out of fabric.

Julierose said...

Oh I run out of thread--especially whites..i guess because i like to use the Gutterman one in my machine...lovely call on the baby quilt.
(And hey, I haven't gotten any catalogues for fabric in a long while--wha' hoppen??)
My MOM and I used to pore through all kinds of catalogues and find the funniest things for sale...those and a good cuppa tea--nice way to spend the afternoon...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Love catalogs but they are so tempting to spend money for thing I want but don't need

Jeanna said...

I cancelled my magazine subscriptions and rarely get catalogs anymore. I figure the internet is dangerous enough for me :)