Friday, October 19, 2018


Here is a recap of this week.......
Sat spent time with Dad and brother
(I KNOW This  was last week)

Sun got caught up on house chores
Groceries....laundry etc

Mon fought on phone with mortgage company about flood insurance . Had a mouse run in but we won. Cats 2.....mouse zero

Tues made Halloween buckets for my favorite kiddos

Wed mailed out check to pay off mortgage
YES I WILL BE MORTGAGE FREE SOON....paying off a 12 yr morygage in 5
When I paid off my car I put that payment toward principle on house. Made it come down fast. Hence the fight with the bank. They were playing around with the flood insurance premium and overpaid 700 from my escrow. Yeah.....nightmare bank. Legal crooks so I AM DONE  my insurance company sent me checks for the 700 back. And on a fixed mortgage my bank insisted my payment would need to go up to pay the higher escrow needed. I said how much is it short she goes 150 so I sent a check for 200 labeled for escrow account. They STILL went up on a fixed mortgage. I called and said isnt this illegal? I PAID YOU the extra amount and you want to charge me almost 7 percent and add it to my mortgage payment. Um nope.......not happening

Thurs checked with bank about overnighted check with signature requirement so they cant say they didnt get it...I dont trust them....and rightfully so. I called..asked if the check arrived. It did. She goes this amt was applied. I said I sent THIS amount which was higher. She goes I can only see this amount. I said I want to speak with your supervisor. She goes hold on. Comes back and says we will refund you the difference once the paperwork comes back which takes 10 to 15 days. I said I WILL BE CALLING YOU BACK until I receive that. OMG  I cant wait to be done with these people. If I had never called would they keep the difference? What about the money they are sending to the flood insurance company who says it is paid up and not needed to the tune of almost 100 bucks.

Now I need to babysit till all my money comes back to me....and I will.

Fri hope to deliver Halloween treats and get my living room back

Sat. SUN hope to make some apple jam......


I will leave you with a cute ornament idea of felt
I want to make some hopefully this year
Isnt he cute?
Heart background and snowman on top
Then use buttonhole stitch to attach and all around edge

Easy peasy and adorable

5 comments: said...

What a nightmare. But if your mortgage is paid off, that is one big stress taken care of. Cute ornie.

Julierose said...

You have to watch them all the time don't you? Nightmare is right!!;000
Cute ornament,,have a wonderful weekend--hopefully stress free...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

e had lots of trouble with one back so we financed Tommy tractor some where else. Some of them are crooks

Jeanna said...

It is astonishing what banks try and DO get away with. Good for you for staying on them...they obviously don't know who they are messing with.

Cute ornament idea. I hope you have a lovely and stress-free weekend.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You've had a busy week but very productive as well. So glad kept your eye on that bank! Love the ornament!