Saturday, October 20, 2018

Shopping again

I went shopping today looking for 
More gifts
I got a frying pan for hubs
Three sweaters for me
Christmas cards 
Lots of things for the spa stockings 
Fake nails, polish, face scrubbers 
Snowman cups for Jacky
Bear wrapping paper
A red and black buffalo plaid rug for the front door
Crafts for my granddaughter
And I paid about a hundred.not bad
I got a ton done which is good

these were some cute bags they had

Arent they adorable?
A GOOD DAY  all in all

Apple jam
Someday I will sew again....

My ex boss called me and asked if I wanted a sewing machine.of course I said yes
It was delivered to me today but she doesn't sew
So no foot pedal. She is looking at home for it.
I can get it to the spa soon to see how she runs 


barbara woods said...

got to buy so I can start on my Christmas quilts

Jeanna said...

You really can stretch a dollar...or a hundred. My problem is that I just do not have any idea what to get my family this year. And, we are traveling so I really need to get the gifts NOW. said...

You are doing pretty good there. Are you almost done?