Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Some days are like Mondays........ugh

Ever go to use the iron
And this happens?
ONE it is blocked by a certain unnamed cat
And TWO it isnt plugged in
Can there be more than one Monday in a week? Lol

So I diverted my attention to this popcorn tin filled with scraps
Oooo scraps that are slabbed waiting for a project

I really SHOULD do something on the list 
Found this for my pillow backing
Now to decide a few things
Make my own pillow form or buy
Then cover pillowform or make a cover with envelope back that can be taken off.
See how projects get sidelined?
Some mornings I am not up to making decisions like that. 

More slab starts
These will become something 
Some day
Are you sewing?


Julierose said...

Some weeks seem like all Mondays, don't they? ;000
Well, as my Grand-mere often said "This too shall pass". ;)))
We got flu shots yesterday, so a bit under the weather today...but not too bad...
check another item off my list of "to-dos".
I like your slabs...what will they be..hmmm I'll be waiting to see...
hugs, Julierose said...

Yesterday afternoon was like that. I was supposed to sew my friendship blocks for guild, and my bee block. I put the area rug down in the room that I just finished putting baseboards up. I picked up, put away. I played with a new mister bottle instead of a spray bottle for my quilter's brew. Soon it was 7:30. I did my block, looked at the 2nd block. Set it down and finished up my evening squaring up some HST. Today's agenda-- friendship block, bee block, repair pool cover for winter. We will see how I do.

barbara woods said...

need to sew and clean, we will see how much I get done

Jeanna said...

I've had weeks upon weeks filled with nothing but Mondays, just not recently. I really need to get a Dunkin so I can have a really good excuse for not ironing. LOL