Friday, November 16, 2018

Amazing what you find when you clean lol

You know how I am SUPPOSED to be working on redtrucks and deer?
Doing everything but
Especially now that Dad is in hospital 
I just dont feel like sewing
Isnt that awful?
So unlike a gal who HAS to sew every stinkin day
Well this is as far as I got with that template play......a top for a mugrug

So do I finish it? I dont
I play with dresdan blades and fabric pieces
Yeah cause I um NEED this. Lol
Dont even know yet what I am making but thats ok

then felt guilty cause I wasnt sewing what I SHOULD be sewing
And cleaned
Yep I know.....what is this cleaning stuff you speak of
And I FOUND a NEW ironing board cover
Who hides a great NEW cover when your old one is so ugly you cant tell the original pattern of the fabric?
Moi does
Hopefully this will go on it the weekend 

And THERE is that book I was lookin for

Maybe I should clean more often.....

4 comments: said...

I was thinking about your dad. Keeping him and you and your family in my prayers. Yep sometimes the sewjo leaves the building when lots is going on. Cute ornament though. Hugs from afar.

Julierose said...

When life hands these difficult times out you need to just go with whatever you feel like doing--no guilt, no stress (and if people don't understand--tough ti**ies to them!!).
It is hard to just sew or do anything sometimes--your mojo goes into hiding...I want you to know my prayers are going out to you and your Dad at this difficult time. Plus it's Holiday Season, too...try to be kind to yourself..hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I find all kinds of stuff when I clean, just haven't found my other black thread yet

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Hope your dad feels better soon. You can always sew another time. Cleaning always works for me when I have lots of nervous energy.