Thursday, November 8, 2018

Christmas for me and hubs

As we get older Christmas gifts are harder to get
We have enough stuff and there really isnt
Anything we want

Ok, to win the lottery maybe......
A maid?

A new toy?

More fabric?

 A new cup with a handle?

We still have giftcards from last year
So I dug one out and hubs and I decided to each get a new kindle fire.
You know, to read  and play games and go to the internet on etc.

He wanted the fire 8 and I wanted the 10.
Bigger so I can SEE it lol

The gift card covered both plus cases
And it cost 9 bucks and change outta pocket
I NOTICED we also have an Amazon card to buy some books
Love it.....

I set up hubs the other day. He is amazed at Alexa. Lol

ALEXA.... what is the weather today
How do you spell thorough
ALEXA do I need eggs?

Fun to play 
I will set mine up soon
Do you believe they dont even come with a book or directions?
Yikes. They trust this ole lady to do it right?

So our gifts are bought and we will have stockings to open
The usual i need new socks or a shirt for work kinda thing and done

There is even a gift card to go out to eat
Jacky you wanna go shopping?
 We can have a delicious lunch
Just sayin......

Do you have a Christmas wish list?
What is it that you want this year?


Julierose said...

We got ourselves (like you and your reasons, too) a recumbent bicycle for our present this year...trying to get in better shape and stay flexible so we don't have to move with walkers!!:000 ("It could happen to youuuu..." songs for all occasions hah)
It is a smooth ride and I did a whopping 10 minutes today--ye olde bod not used to
Nice buy you got on your Kindle Fire and stuff...hugs, (creaky olde) Julierose;}}}

barbara woods said...

Love my kindle fire , I get my email and facebook on mine. I have a paperwhite to, to read plus a million books

Rosemary Dickinson said...

My daughter has a kindle and I have a nook. We love them! I have read a ton of books and there are a ton of free ones also. You'll both enjoy them. I'm not sure what I want this year. Maybe a new Fit Bit?? Not sure. said...

I have my kindle fire....well I have a couple. I read books. I use my tablet or laptop for other stuff. I do love my Alexa though. I play Jeopardy.