Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy things

What makes me happy?
Helping the kiddos make gifts
These are from a few years ago but how sweet to receive special artwork coffee cups

I miss my butterfly bush
All that is left is a huge stump
Just right for me to trip over on the way to the shed

I miss these too
My little pretties

This quilt is in a quilt frame ready to handquilt
I really need to make a schedule to put in stitches here and there

This is what we had Thurs into Fri
A little less snow than you see here
That big tree is now gone. This is an old picture

Somewhere in this messy room
Are the directions to make these

Because these are cut out and sewed
In at least three colorways 
I think i have red and green and blue and maybe even yellow

Nice additions to next years Christmas box


Julierose said...

You found some more things in your room--mine is like a never-ending hidden project place.
nice tote pattern...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

keep looking , all kinds of things are hidden there said...

Wow you keep finding stuff. Oh deer I don't see my favorite project yet though. :D