Saturday, November 17, 2018

Maybe I can fool Santa....

Remember this?
My ornament failure
Well i dont know about you but when I fail it makes me motivated 

to succeed

So i found this small piece of black santa fabric
And a 2.5 strip of black fabric
And made a cute mugrug

Maybe santa will believe me



Julierose said...

I know the feeling! --that's a nice save--I think he'll approve...I also have that black Santa fabric ...
I got two frames for fairies today at Christmas Tree shop for $5.99 each--not exactly the right size, but I'll work with it...hopefully...;000
Hoping your Dad is doing well, hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

love that

Jeanne said...

Your first Secret Santa block looks great! said...

Looks cute. I thought the first one was cute.