Thursday, November 29, 2018

On the second day.......

I had mentioned the other day how I felt like having an Italian sub sandwich
Some of you may call them hoagies

Hubs said to me I got your dinner covered
You just needed to heat it in the oven

Wow Two Days of surprises 
How did I get so lucky?
I love the Christmas season

For those asking about Dad
He is doing better

This was yesterday.
He was so happy to be hunting with the boys
And he got one

3 comments: said...

Awe that is awesome. Rich "making you dinner" and dad and his deer. My neighbor down the road about 2 miles we go to church together and have started doing things socially. Her husband got a 10 pt buck on their property a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how thrilled she was with it. They are a cute family with a great story.

Julierose said...

You go, Rich!! ;))-what a super guy.... and happy to hear your Dad is feeling better....
Have you ever eaten venison? I haven't; but we certainly could use your Dad in our yard--we have them all over..
Our property used to be an apple orchard and I think their trail memories are long and lead them here...we only have one old apple tree left...I caught a buck chewing on my azaleas yesterday morning and shooed him away--he snorted at me and left in a huff;))))
Hugs, julierose P.S. we call hoagies "Grinders" aunt and Uncle used to run a Grinder shop when I was little--and let me help out wrapping those yummy fave is genoa salami with oil...yuuummmmm,....

barbara woods said...

So glad Rich and your father are better. We also have deer going all around our house all the time but Tommy allows no hunting because of so many houses around out acres