Monday, November 5, 2018

Progress wth Jacky

This is a box of some fun gifts 
Sharon from Vrooman made me think

She was making things for the kids at school to have and purchase for gifts for their family
A secret santa kinda thing
They go to school and parents say how many gifts say for mom dad brother and grandmother
They have so much money and donated items are on tables with prices.
Helpers help the kids find something for all within their budget and then they go to wrapping so parents cant see until Christmas

Anywho....i had crayons so Jacky will make crayon rolls 
I had knitted 6 scarves so donated those 
Also a couple totes, chapstick keychains,
Zippy bags
So Jacky will have donated under granddaughter

These are some of Jackys cup mugrugs

So so cute
For her family

And her start of that temecula quiltalong.
She is working on step 2. The greens in step one still need to be done 
(Hands on hips,foot tapping)

The other part of her 9 patches
Notice she is very methodical and organized 
She has each part in its own container ready to join into blocks
I took a picture and she goes
And rearranges them and says
Take it now

See what I mean?
I Chuckled
She cant do messy

This is her container of scrappy goodness
I wanted to tuck it under my coat but i wasnt wearing one lol
I think she would have noticed
Hee hee

This was a cute little shallow container
She made with a cute cardinal

Fun fun.
How did you spend your weekend?

3 comments: said...

Wow you two got a lot accomplished. What a cute little bowl with the Cardinal. Great idea to donate items to the school for their Santa day.

Julierose said...

You two are so sweet to donate all those gifts for the kids' Secret Santa ;)))I am sure they
will love them...
I love those mugs holders--you and Jacky are so clever making all those little things...
Meanwhile--still Ojos-ing--almost finished tying her...then onto making binding...
Hugs on yet another GRAY DAY -- Julierose

barbara woods said...

Made petals all weekend except for washing and cleaning. Did pick up some blues at the yardsale.