Saturday, November 3, 2018

SATURDAY on a miserably rainy day

The noise of the rain pelting my house woke me up early
So whats a gal to do

Why sew of course
With my two assistants I trudged sleepily into the sewing room and decided to sew on projects that need to be done NOW

this red truck is one
I NEED TO finish it and surprise the recipient
She has two more cancer treatments to go
And LIKE me LOVES the red trucks
I am keeping it simple 
Lap size and just one border
Next is layering it and quilting her up

I found an empty tin and for now
Packed up this diversion
I will write out the directions and put them in there
In case I fall way behind 
I even pulled more red white and green scraps and put them in a baggie for later parts

See Jacky?
I AM Throwing some things out
Uh huh am to am to!

My messy sewing space
Gotta reorganize so I can breathe

Thought I would be a smartie and 
Whip up an Olaf block for fun
Looks cute right? Uses some spare parts
thats what I get sewing before coffee

Hoping by tomorrow the red truck is quilted and ready to bind
Time is a ticking.......


Julierose said...
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Love the truck panel. You have our rain we had a couple of days ago.

Julierose said...

Hi Dawn--"not your usual spammer" here lol--Let's see if
I can leave a comment...hugs, Julierose

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