Friday, November 23, 2018

The day after

Friday the day after the big turkey fest
As I roll around the room still bloated and full.  Ughhhhhhh
I put up my tree
So I could make some elbow room in the workshop

And someone was watching that tree really closeby
Just in case he could reach things lol

The pile in the workshop
Ugh I think I bit off WAY More than I can chew


These are also at the ready for those packages that need to be mailed soon.......
Time is a tickin.....
Whats going on in your workshop?
Er I mean sewing room?

I REALLY feel like an elf these days
Pointy ears
Funny clothes
And a HUGH workload........


Julierose said...

Really good dinner yesterday--so tonight was a light soup for dinner--put up one small tabletop tree in our back tv's blinking merrily away==
doing some secret quilting ....
hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

another Thanksgiving today, rest tomorrow said...

Cute tree. I have been contemplating a Norfolk pine so I can have a houseplant later. :D