Friday, November 9, 2018

Wednesday working on a Friday

What? Am I ahead and working on next WEEKS project early?
Behind by two  days? 
Let me explain
My nieces think Auntie is a miracle worker....
One sweetie has a runt cat named Wednesday
She is a miracle really as she weighs under 2 lbs at a couple months old
She is always cold so my niece wants me to make her a coat
So the Auntie that I am pulled the softest yarn in my stash and asked the inevitable since I dont have Wednesday to measure as I go 

Give me dimensions!

She measured neck to tail
Around her belly
Around her head etc. 
So I am trying to picture this so she can
Get it on her easily
Maybe a velcro tab
Not sure

But so far made a few rows
Hoping to have something by the weekend for her
I do have a backup plan....i have a small tabletopper er I mean cat quilt  just for Wednesday and every day of the week
Lol do what you know right?

While I ponder the design 
Which by the way I have never designed anything in crochet so it should be interesting 
I decided to play in the scraps and clean up
Found some 5 inch tumblers
Sewed some, cut some more

I now have another UFO



I really need to retire this superwoman cape
Or let my nieces know I have no superpowers. Hee hee


Julierose said...

You definitely have to take off that cape, woman! Yikes--I would use ties on the sweater as velcro may get caught on the cat's hair? I don't know--maybe look on Amazon? lol
hugs, from a retired superwoman Julierose ROTFLOL said...

I have the same problem with Bobbin. Hates going outside when it is wet or cold, but she gets so dirty I need to make her a jacket for every day. I have an idea. Now to get the fleece to implement. LOL

barbara woods said...

I know you hate to tell her your cape is out for cleaning!