Monday, December 31, 2018

Be still my heart.......and dont laugh

Hubs urgently called me to come see what he found online.
He goes " honey I think you're going to like this. "

On a piece of paper he wrote

Are you sitting?

Ok   no drinking either  i am not cleaning
the mess.......


He wrote

I Smugly smiled and said yes I will have to check them out


For those of you who are making stone soup with us........or thinking about it.....
This is how it will go.
1. Commit to doing it by emailing me for sure
2. If you want a certain color  for example red because you are making for Valentines.....i need to know with your address.  Then everyone can send you something that color

3. I will then send everyone the stone soup list and color if one is chosen for that person.....and instruct everyone to pull their stone ingredients.  If you have a blog.,post them
4. Then everyone will mail off one stone ingredient to everyone on the list......
Lets say 4 play...Ann wants red........Sue no preference...... Brenda  wants blue and Sally no preference.........I would send Ann maybe a red 10 inch square.  Sue a jelly roll strip     Brenda some blue trim and buttons  and maybe Sally a small ufo block. Remember small ingredients....fat qtrs are not necessary. Think making a large soup with small ingredients
5. Once you receive ingredients from everyone start thinking how you will put them into your project. Maybe you put a ufo in the middle and use a jellyroll strip to make a border. Then add something you made from your stash and a ten inch square etc.  Be creative
6. Post your finished project for all to see.

7. Easy peasy quick and fun.
Examples of ingredients.........
A ten inch square
A couple 5 inch squares
A jelly roll strip
Some trim and buttons
A 4 patch block you have hanging around
Some hst blocks ...think small like 4inch or so
See? Then you will have a project using
Ingredients from all your friends.
Cool huh?

Ok.....step one........ARE YOU IN ?

Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 quilt motivation

How many of you over the holidays lost your sewing mojo?
Raise your hands?  Yeah I thought so. Many of you
Maybe you were burned out making gifts with deadlines
Maybe you were too dang busy to get your butt in that sewing room at all
Whatever the reason.........lets make a clean start for 2019.......

You with me so far??????

I was thinking how fun it would be to do a unique small project in January to get the mojo revved up.
I want to call it stone soup. Remember the story? One person brings carrots the next an onion etc till there are ingredients to make the soup and share with all who contributed the makings.

Sooooo. If you want to participate  let me know in comments....i am hoping to get a few takers for some fun.

This is what we will be doing......
Searching your sewing room for some ufo blocks you no longer have attachments to,
Maybe some ten inch squares  and 5 inch squares or buttons or trim. Think cute little wallhanging size quilt "ingredients"
Or The SOUP. Heck if you have no ufo blicks make some easy 4 patches to give away.easy peasy

once we have the participants,  i will get addresses for you .
Lets say we end up having 4 playing.....

Once i get the addresses you will send one quilt soup ingredient to each player.( the quilt ingredients"  maybe player one gets a 10 inch square, two gets a ufo block, three gets some buttons and four gets a ufo block. 
 So each player will receive quilt soup ingredients from you. You can send all 4 a 10 inch square if you want. Its all fun and good

We can all post our ingredients we received .
Then we will follow some general piecing ideas.....example....take a ufo block and center it.
Surround it with a border. Add squares to your quilt. Add trim like lace or buttons....etc. l will do generalized directions kind of like a round robin.
YOU will be in charge of your own soup to see how you use the ingredients you received

Sound like fun?
Let me know if you wanna play so I can put the soup making process into play.

Maybe we can name our soup quilts and post special soup recipes for added fun.

You in????????

Some ideas on how you could put preprinted panels with ufo blocks
Even of different colors

Or donate the overrage of blocks from a past project

And maybe your soup will feed many and become a lap quilt

Start with an idea
Or even color theme.....if you want all blues for example  our ingredient to you will be blue 

Some strips are always fun

You get the idea.

Wanna play?

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Handmade gifts

These are ornaments that I tried to match the personalities to my quilting friends
It was fun finding a shape that would work and the images

This is just a scrappy top that someone is telling me to get quilted 

I also made some sewing room wallhangings
Some had women on them
Some had sayings
All were fun to make
And use up my scraps to share with others

See even my Mom knew before 1989 that a handmade gift is special
I cherish this pumpkin she made for me

Time to start the list for 2019 and plan my new projects

I am thinking some pillowcases for little ones to dream of sugarplums may be due

And of course pinterest challenges me with some cool ideas too

Do you make gifts?

Friday, December 28, 2018

I must have been a good girl

My niece continued my red truck theme
A lazy susan and a container of plant markers 


My friend Jeanna of slamminthescreendoor
Sent me these goodies. So so cool. I was needing some more of those clips.  And i dont have a small rotary cutter so that will be fun
And fabric to start a new project

And more red trucks!
Barbara of wonttobequilter made me this adorable towel to attach to my stove

I love it

And some fabric for fun

Julierose of julierosequilts made me this beautiful table topper.
And labelled it too

Remember when she gave a
Sneak peak of the bunny,?

Yep  Mine all mine....

Rosemary of knittingquilter
Made this gorgeous bag
I KNOW  how GORGEOUS is this


And outside pockets 
How lucky am I?

Don't you dare tell Santa I was bad

Thursday, December 27, 2018


I should say before Christmas fun. 
This was me after one brother opened his toy. It made him laugh

This was Christmas eve 
They really just fell asleep like this

And Dunkin with his new toy mouse
He hasnt stopped playing with it
So cute

This is what my neighbor gave me
A kitty tree
So cute
I think it plays music but i need to get batteries
Christmas day I woke up sick
Poor hubs cooked his roast beef as I was in bed for the day
Fever,  chills,  cough, and yuck 
I managed some gingerale for my meal and hubs went out Wed and got some crackers
Lots of holiday stress and deaths
My cousin Dec 23
My husbands Aunt Dec 24
And a friend Dec 24 too
Sad times for the holiday
I hope this is it. You know how they say it comes in threes

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Santa came

Santa came
He ate the cookie Dunkin left
And the deer ate the carrots
Not a shred in sight

And look
The tree has gifts under it

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2018


My friend Jacky made this little quilt for a granddaughter 
How cute it that?
All pieces of leftover flannel

Meanwhile as I delivered gifts these weird deer were seen in
My brother cracked up

And this is my primitive scratch ticket tree
It was delivered

We found out Dec 23 that Rich's aunt passed away. His mother's sister 
She was a special woman 
Loved her to pieces........

Ugh they say it comes in threes
Sad times around this holiday this year

Sunday, December 23, 2018

More packages

More packages arrived

From my friend Jeanna from slamminthescreendoor blog

Thanks so much everyone
For the lovely packages
I will open them on Christmas 
Quilting friends are the BEST
Merry Christmas to you all

Speaking of packages.....
I have quite a few of them to deliver

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Down to the wire

I have delivered a bunch of gifts so far
And my tree is still full
Santa has a lot of work to do

And my quilting friends Barbara and Rosemary sent packages

As well as my friend Julierose 

So I have a lot of goodies
Waiting for me

With my buffalo plaid pillows my niece made me last year
 The "eye" you see is my cat fleece blanket my neighbor gave me last year
The cats like it but no matter how I fold it
That eye is looking at me lol
Making sure I wait until Christmas

Thanks ladies and I wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2018


I love this picture of my daughter and my mother in law
Yes THE famous word game expert
I am sure she was playing along with us and got way more words than we did too
Ha ha
She passed away in December 2013 right after Rich and I bought the house
We never got the chance to bring her here
Even though we have her favorite pignuts in the back yard

This is Landon and his Mom and Dad
He is growing too fast
Love him 

And this is the brother I owe the deer quilt to.
My baby brother 

Saturday will not be filled with delivering gifts but instead with a funeral service for my cousin
That is more important
To be there for family in time of need

Not a good time of year to have a funeral but there isn't ever a good time for one

I will get to see family members and hug them tight

The gifts can wait
Hugs and love can not

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Reason for the season

The reason for the season 
Is Not the gifts......
Not the I wants.......
But our savior's birth

I found this coffee cup and had to have it
Does this mean if I think I can finish 3 quilts in mere days that I can???
My coffee cup says so

Do cups ever lie?
Inquiring minds wanna know

Just found out that a cousin of 58 lost his battle with cancer. He just found out 9 months ago so it seems surreal

Way too young
Left behind parents  a brother, sister, wife
And 3 children and 2 grandchildren

We never know how much time we have left before God calls us home

Hug your family tight
Reach out with an olive branch if you arent speaking
Spend time together while we are all still here

It will be a somber Christmas for the family

But a reminder to love one another no matter what

I love all my family and blogging friends and hope the holidays bring fun, laughter and memories for the years to come

Those are the gifts that mean the most and last in your heart

A few Christmas cookies too! ******wink*****

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Making a list and checking it twice

I have been burning the midnight oil so to speak
Making lists.......who is done
Eho is not
What I need to do or make and when
Getting down to the wire 

But hoping all ends up
Merry and bright

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Like a giddy schoolgirl

Lookie what I found

so so cute and fits  in with my decor 

I got a round one too for the Grinch
I mean for
Miss Jacky

Hers is on her table already
I will wait a bit
Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Wrestled with Mrs Grinch

I went to Mrs Grinchs house
To retrieve my package 
And I saw that her heart had grown
She was making sleeping bags for these 
Homeless cats
Arent they adorable 

So easy and so cute

These were waiting to be cut and sewn
Little girls and boys will be taking them
Home as birthday party favors

A retrieved package and some cute projects to view