Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 quilt motivation

How many of you over the holidays lost your sewing mojo?
Raise your hands?  Yeah I thought so. Many of you
Maybe you were burned out making gifts with deadlines
Maybe you were too dang busy to get your butt in that sewing room at all
Whatever the reason.........lets make a clean start for 2019.......

You with me so far??????

I was thinking how fun it would be to do a unique small project in January to get the mojo revved up.
I want to call it stone soup. Remember the story? One person brings carrots the next an onion etc till there are ingredients to make the soup and share with all who contributed the makings.

Sooooo. If you want to participate  let me know in comments....i am hoping to get a few takers for some fun.

This is what we will be doing......
Searching your sewing room for some ufo blocks you no longer have attachments to,
Maybe some ten inch squares  and 5 inch squares or buttons or trim. Think cute little wallhanging size quilt "ingredients"
Or The SOUP. Heck if you have no ufo blicks make some easy 4 patches to give away.easy peasy

once we have the participants,  i will get addresses for you .
Lets say we end up having 4 playing.....

Once i get the addresses you will send one quilt soup ingredient to each player.( the quilt ingredients"  maybe player one gets a 10 inch square, two gets a ufo block, three gets some buttons and four gets a ufo block. 
 So each player will receive quilt soup ingredients from you. You can send all 4 a 10 inch square if you want. Its all fun and good

We can all post our ingredients we received .
Then we will follow some general piecing ideas.....example....take a ufo block and center it.
Surround it with a border. Add squares to your quilt. Add trim like lace or buttons....etc. l will do generalized directions kind of like a round robin.
YOU will be in charge of your own soup to see how you use the ingredients you received

Sound like fun?
Let me know if you wanna play so I can put the soup making process into play.

Maybe we can name our soup quilts and post special soup recipes for added fun.

You in????????

Some ideas on how you could put preprinted panels with ufo blocks
Even of different colors

Or donate the overrage of blocks from a past project

And maybe your soup will feed many and become a lap quilt

Start with an idea
Or even color theme.....if you want all blues for example  our ingredient to you will be blue 

Some strips are always fun

You get the idea.

Wanna play?

4 comments: said...

Sure I would be willing to play. But I have been sewing. Just not telling what I have been doing.

Julierose said...

I'm in, too..sounds like a fun idea...
I have been doing my "Crossed-Up" crosses --(Madam Zalonga sees a strange fabric in your future..hahaha). Your Stone soup idea made me smile--thanks looking forward to it..hugs, Julierose ;)))

sewyouquilt2 said...

Sharon of vrooman quilts is playing

sewyouquilt2 said...

Jacky......kicking and playing lol