Monday, December 31, 2018

Be still my heart.......and dont laugh

Hubs urgently called me to come see what he found online.
He goes " honey I think you're going to like this. "

On a piece of paper he wrote

Are you sitting?

Ok   no drinking either  i am not cleaning
the mess.......


He wrote

I Smugly smiled and said yes I will have to check them out


For those of you who are making stone soup with us........or thinking about it.....
This is how it will go.
1. Commit to doing it by emailing me for sure
2. If you want a certain color  for example red because you are making for Valentines.....i need to know with your address.  Then everyone can send you something that color

3. I will then send everyone the stone soup list and color if one is chosen for that person.....and instruct everyone to pull their stone ingredients.  If you have a blog.,post them
4. Then everyone will mail off one stone ingredient to everyone on the list......
Lets say 4 play...Ann wants red........Sue no preference...... Brenda  wants blue and Sally no preference.........I would send Ann maybe a red 10 inch square.  Sue a jelly roll strip     Brenda some blue trim and buttons  and maybe Sally a small ufo block. Remember small ingredients....fat qtrs are not necessary. Think making a large soup with small ingredients
5. Once you receive ingredients from everyone start thinking how you will put them into your project. Maybe you put a ufo in the middle and use a jellyroll strip to make a border. Then add something you made from your stash and a ten inch square etc.  Be creative
6. Post your finished project for all to see.

7. Easy peasy quick and fun.
Examples of ingredients.........
A ten inch square
A couple 5 inch squares
A jelly roll strip
Some trim and buttons
A 4 patch block you have hanging around
Some hst blocks ...think small like 4inch or so
See? Then you will have a project using
Ingredients from all your friends.
Cool huh?

Ok.....step one........ARE YOU IN ?

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LOL your story about hubby and Missouri Star....he doesn't know you have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jenny does he?