Sunday, December 2, 2018

On the fifth day of Christmas

A lottery ticket 
Wish me luck as I scratch

Mama needs a new pair of shoes...

OMG I WON!!!!!!

BUT  when I turned it over to sign it.......
The joke us on me

Good thing I didn't take it to be cashed in

I wouldn't be able to show my face in town again 


Julierose said...

OOPSey!! ;((( Well, you had a moment of winning...we often see the lottery #'s in between the 10 0'clock FOX 61 newscast...we especially like the presenter we call "Fingernail Lady"-she always has amazingly decorated nails..;))) (doesn't take much, right?)
hugs on this rainy and gray Sunday hugs, Julierose

P.S. 118 so far and counting...(and hubster says "thanks a lot, Dawn" for his having to listen to me finding yet another word and not paying attention to him holding forth on some topic!! Haahahaha) said...

Wow that is kind of just grinchy. Oh well at least you have the chocolate.

barbara woods said...

our tickets never have a single number that was drawn