Thursday, March 21, 2019

The eyes have it

Hubs requested 3 eyeglass
Cases for his glasses.
He keeps a pair near the bed
One near the computer and one near
 his recliner

I quilted and lined them
And used the most manly prints
I could find in the stash

The owls are on the fence but hey

It serves the purpose of one protecting his glasses and two allowing him to find them easier

I would say its a win

What have you been working on?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My baby

I had a dream of my Phoebe
It was like she was wondering why we left her that morning we came home from the doctors and she was gone.

She was alive when we left
And i she needed us and we didnt know it

Or get to say goodbye 
I miss my girl
And the way she communicated by tapping on your leg
She never meowed.
Hissed at Dunks quite a few times. He annoyed her with his antics.
I still hear her pushing in the squeaky sewing room door 
But she's not there
A few times I thought I heard her
And Dunkin looked too
I wonder if she was visiting us
Wondering why she wasnt here

Dunkin is looking for comfort

He has been cuddly cuddly with both me and hubs
He never went up to hubs. It is like he knows hubbys baby is gone and he is consoling Richard.
He gets up in his recliner next to him  and they watch tv together.
He never did that before 

My two sweeties 

I definitely have to put Phoebe in my stone soup quilt
I think that is why i have abandoned that project for a bit 

I get too sad thinking about it 

This guy cuddles his blankets missing his sister

Rest in peace sweet girl 

Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you terribly
Until we meet again and I can kiss my sweet baby

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Remember my full tin of 2.5 squares?

Do you remember my tin overflowing with 2.5 squares?
Not sure where they all went but
My tin is almost empty
I think most went into my blue star quilt
And some bags
Anywho......with some squares left i decided with scrappy trip around the world  blocks

And by sewing web style my seams kinda
Match up nice

These are on top of blocks
There is really only a small pile of them left 

I designed my blocks
Then set them in piles to web chain them

The first row is toughest. The first stack has to always be on the bottom 
And the right stack on top when sewing

I had 5x5 rows so continued till
My squares are all sewn
See the webbing?
I dont cut them apart
Because i will use that webbing
As extra hands keeping my seams matched up

They will nest nicely when i sew the rows

And voila
Three little trip around the world blocks 
Ready to be the start of another quilt

Did I just admit I started another project
To you all?
I guess i did 
And I KNOW you will keep our little secret 

Guess i need to cut some 2.5 squares
To finish this up

Monday, March 18, 2019

Dunkin wants to sew

This is my munchkin
At the door to my sewing room

Just look at that face
Mom can we sew?

So in we go.
I picked out some fabric
To make hubs some eyeglass cases
Per his request. He buys the
Cheap ones to read and 
Keeps a pair near his laptop
One pair near his recliner 
And one on bedstand
This way he can keep
Them scratch free a little longer
Ha ha

Remember those charms Jacky
Gave me?
Well I was determined not to let
Them intermingle in my stash
And cause a fabric explosion
Whats a gal to do?
I cut them for more purses 
Yessiree i did
Cut 12 at 2.5x4.5 to make the 12 
Rail fence blocks i will need 

Then of course had to just sew a few

And then sew 4 rows of 3
But dont attach the rows yet
That will be done on batting and lining
Stitch and flip style
Once that is done you
Trim them up
Fold and sew short side seams
Then make the bottoms so they
Stand up in their own  by sewing
Across the points

Yep a nice neutral kinda bag here

So now 3 more bag parts are ready to iron 
And sew and flip... 6 all together total

Gotta love it when a plan just happens
What are you making?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

I love my friends

Remember that box from Jacky?
You know .... the one with hst
And tons of 5 inch charms?
Well i seperated them into groups
And cut a few to make more bags
Here is one........

And another..

And a third one...

And more groups to play later
Hee hee
These are addictive
I can almost make them in my sleep

This little distraction of 2.5 squares
Will make a cute zippy bag

Love to have them on hand

These bobbins were all full last weekend
I guess i have been busy

This is the next bag
Ready to quilt onto the lining

Its top is done and waiting
Strap will be made too

Pulled some light 2.5 squares to get
My blue star further along

Need lots of these too
I should make tons of the hst
So i can be ready

And a dishcloth is almost done
It is purple
And not this color

It was started while waiting for my car
At the garage 

Every minute counts
And is so rewarding to make something

What are you making today?

Any good gift ideas for my 12 days of Christmas?

Where I live is 55 and over and lots are alone for Christmas
I want to wrap a homemade gift and draw a street address from Dec 1 to 12 and bring them the gift. I also want to do a cat gift and dog gift and have them put their names in a box if they want to win.
Was thinking a scrappy quilted dog leash with dog treats. And cat treats and maybe knitted cat toys. Then only the ones that can use it will get those.

So far i have....
Christmas pillow
Set of pillowcases
Red table topper
Knitted scarf

Maybe finish up a small quilt for lap.have tops done just need quilted
That makes 5

Thinking a remote control pocket for the arm of chair

Maybe one of those purses

So need about 5 more ideas. If you were entered in a free drawing for a handmade gift at Christmas  what would YOU like to receive?
Inquiring minds want to know...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

More gifts in the box

This bag is for sis in law

This one is too

One nieces gift 

Two more nieces gifts

See how cute

Yeah i cut out parts for 5 or more bags

Does anyone know of a bags anonymous group?

Friday, March 15, 2019

One bag two bags three

I now have two zip bags for sis in law
And one nieces bag done and in the gift box


And I am trying to get all
Fancy schmancy with my pics
This is sis in laws second bag

And this is one Christmas gift for nieces

I never was the one to ask to take your picture.
You may have your tongue hanging out or my thumb in it or your head chopped off
Just sayin.....
Picture taking is not my thing

Little by little I am getting there

Another top zip portion is ready for the next bag
I MESSED UP what tops went with what
Good thing they are scrappy
So I  need to DO the quilting next on that fourth bag

Then it will be ready to finish

I could also work on the other straps and tops too.
They are a bit fiddly

Assembly line sewing is good as long as you pay attention

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I am a lucky gal for sure

With eye issues and a hubs with back issues 
Getting water around here is difficult

My sis in law came over with 6 cases for me
And they were on sale. 
Whoot whoot!
Shown here are 4

And get this

All she wants is a replacement zippy bag 
Hers was given years ago and gets daily use

Here is number one
I HAVE to make her more than ONE
dont cha think?

I am so so grateful for people who
Help others
We can all get by with a little help from our friends

Have you helped someone today?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A little bit here and a little bit there

This was kinda like the
Quilt Sharon of vroomansquilts had
On her blog 
I just played but these are not sewn
It may become a tote too

I played with more light 2.5 squares to move this one along
It is made of 16 large blocks 
And the large blocks are made 
Of 9 patch blocks
I am up to 3 of the blue star points
And 3 of the 4 all light squares

Many more hst in blue and light 
Are in my future
But i am happy to finish it

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Closer to the finishline

Bag one 
Oooo i like it
Next step is strap zipper and top

Bag 2
I like this one too
Again zipper, strap and top

Bag 3

Bag 4 i am at the
Sew flip quilting stage
I am happy to get these 4
Done and in the gift box
I will need to probably make
Another group of 4

And i think i need to organize the gift box a little
The top basket is overflowing just a little

As i clean i am making tons of
Mugrugs of all sizes
It keeps the scraps of fabric and binding at bay
A win win
And will make cute little gifts for the mailroom

Dont cha just love scraps?