Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jan recap

Here is my January recap....
I made a burp cloth

And finished the matching quilt
For the gal I did the sunflower bouquets for

She is expecting in Feb......a boy

Then I made another burp cloth

And a Valentine wallhanging

Also I finished my grandsons fleece blanket and gave it to him

This Ufo got quilted up
A table runner

And the blue one too
Originally I think these were going to be small tote bags

I like them aS runners

SO two runners into the bin

These pieces as I was cleaning got sewn into a mug rug

With selvage play on the back and pieces of leftover binding used up

Hubs claimed it and is using it now

Not too bad a month

Hoping Feb brings more finishes

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Soup stewing........

From this chicken makin soup

To top view with lid to pan idea

To showcasing ingredients idea 

And seeing what I have available 

It will have to be in my mind for a bit as i am scheduled for eye surgery today

Wish me luck......
 And a quick recovery

After all there is SOUP TO MAKE

***I joined 5 blocks  for size. Now gotta play with paper pattern to see if it will work or if I need it bigger***

I am told a couple days no reading no tv. No phone to rest the eye so i have preblogged

Hoping to be back in the saddle soon

Wish me luck......
Other people take tropical vacations with cute cabana boys handing out drinks with umbrellas....
Me? My vacations are spider issues and eye issues. Grrrr......
Just hoping i can come through it good.
Say a prayer nerves are shot
Dunkin knows something is bothering me
He has been sticking to me like  glue 
So cute 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Waste not want not

Be still my heart
using just the dot selvages
I can see one with writing selvages
And one with dots
Oh fun
Wonder how tough it is to quilt afterwards
But I bet it is toasty warm!

And more ideas for next Christmas
Anyone have pillow forms on sale?

So cute
I can picture Christmassy themed selvages saying stuff like joy, noel etc and some of the circles in Christmas lights colors 

Can you see it?
I may need to add to that Christmas box soon for 2019

I played in the hst bin and made a heart
Not sure how it will look with the valentine  fabric so I put the pink border between

Or do I  just want pink

Or maybe this pink?

Which one do you like better?

One, two or three?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Makin soup

Julierose of julierosequilts sent Dunkin to stir my soup

Jacky no blog sent me mushrooms 

Tomatoes and greens

Sharon of vroomansquilts sent half her sewing room lol
I have some 9 patch borders
She says she hates making borders but evidently didnt mind making mine! ***wink***

She also sent bowtie pasta

This is how I originally picked my pot fabric
It is a dark batik I have and I like it


Then I started with some ideas
Pinterest has tons of inspiration


And came up with Dunkin stirring the pot 

Colette of whataboutrheema blog sent these   


I LOVE greenbeans dont you?

So more tweaking of the potential design was done 

Maybe Dunkin has a bird waiting in the wings for flavor 
 or a pet

This looks like a fancy light overhead

There may be some bones to flavor the soup

Dunkin may need to wear
Some disguise shades

And a bowtie for this formal event

Phoebe will be cheering on her brother from the sidelines 

Some nice kale
Hey I am of Portuguese decent and we love kale in everything

Some cabbage



I started by making a tiny bow tie pasta 
The other one is a little big but will see how i can fit it in

Made some more border blocks
Using dessert watermelon

And tractors and chicken

And this cutie

So far there are many ideas floating in my head.
I am going to start with my borders
You heard right
I have been known to be "bass ackwards" sometimes lol
Once I see how big the center will be then I will start ironing some iron on to my fabrics and then cut the shapes to play with

That will let me see more the sizes and colors and make changes if needed

Then i will iron them on....
Quilt er up ... As that will hold it together
And put my poem on the back

That is My plan for stone soup
What about YOU?
What are your plans???
We wanna see your creative process

This is Julierosequilts  soup bowls
Arent they fun? She requested purples
Hmmmm. Purple cabbage soup?

Beet borscht?
Love Them

Sharon is working with uglies.
No not Moe! He is making those uglies pretty

And Sharon is making noodles for her soup

Cant wait to see what all the gals serve up

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Guess what I found!
Amazing when you ah hemmmm CLEAN
I was looking for this for backing
Yeah you remember

For this........

Yeah I KNEW I had Valentines fabric
But then double guessed myself and thought maybe it's in Jacky's stash
So I used this instead

Cute anyways......

But now ........
I FOUND the Valentine Fabric
And I only have ONE granddaughter 


Maybe my red selvages need to be thinned out
And maybe I can do the word love around it

Did I just create a new project?
Naw......I didnt do that.......
I am working on UFOs
I my own little world I am, ok?

It would be great to use this up
If i have pieces I could make a selvage and Valentines zippy bag

If I wanted to..........

So much little time 

Maybe sleep is overrated