Thursday, January 24, 2019

Got rice

This is a ricebag to heat in microwave and make sore neck muscles feel better 
I like to make large square ones too 
Around 10 inches
I heat it and place in bed where my feet go
When i get into bed
Nice warm toesies
Little comforts are easy to do when you know how to sew

So many with aches and pains from shovelling or falling I figured I would remind you of a small comfort you can make
Just be aware to not make it too hot in the microwave 

Remember that fancy yarn I got for Christmas?
I decided to play with some variegated yarn to see if I can get this pooling thing down

Not what I expected
Am thinking this pooling is hard to start 
Once you get it you can make pretty things

This is the yarn I used 

I will continue as it is still a nice piece for a scarf

Just not what I had in mind

A creative mess right?
Sometimes leads to better things 
One can only hope


Julierose said...

Neat neck warmer idea!! Hope you feel better about creative mess--my quilt space is certainly one of those!!...hugs, Julierose said...

So am I going to assume you are sore from shoveling? Or did you take a fall? You can also do corn bags with feed corn, they hold the heat a wee bit better.

barbara woods said...


Jeanna said...

Such pretty colors in the yarn. This will make a pretty scarf.