Monday, January 28, 2019

Makin soup

Julierose of julierosequilts sent Dunkin to stir my soup

Jacky no blog sent me mushrooms 

Tomatoes and greens

Sharon of vroomansquilts sent half her sewing room lol
I have some 9 patch borders
She says she hates making borders but evidently didnt mind making mine! ***wink***

She also sent bowtie pasta

This is how I originally picked my pot fabric
It is a dark batik I have and I like it


Then I started with some ideas
Pinterest has tons of inspiration


And came up with Dunkin stirring the pot 

Colette of whataboutrheema blog sent these   


I LOVE greenbeans dont you?

So more tweaking of the potential design was done 

Maybe Dunkin has a bird waiting in the wings for flavor 
 or a pet

This looks like a fancy light overhead

There may be some bones to flavor the soup

Dunkin may need to wear
Some disguise shades

And a bowtie for this formal event

Phoebe will be cheering on her brother from the sidelines 

Some nice kale
Hey I am of Portuguese decent and we love kale in everything

Some cabbage



I started by making a tiny bow tie pasta 
The other one is a little big but will see how i can fit it in

Made some more border blocks
Using dessert watermelon

And tractors and chicken

And this cutie

So far there are many ideas floating in my head.
I am going to start with my borders
You heard right
I have been known to be "bass ackwards" sometimes lol
Once I see how big the center will be then I will start ironing some iron on to my fabrics and then cut the shapes to play with

That will let me see more the sizes and colors and make changes if needed

Then i will iron them on....
Quilt er up ... As that will hold it together
And put my poem on the back

That is My plan for stone soup
What about YOU?
What are your plans???
We wanna see your creative process

This is Julierosequilts  soup bowls
Arent they fun? She requested purples
Hmmmm. Purple cabbage soup?

Beet borscht?
Love Them

Sharon is working with uglies.
No not Moe! He is making those uglies pretty

And Sharon is making noodles for her soup

Cant wait to see what all the gals serve up

4 comments: said...

Wow you ladies are cooking up a storm. Julierose's soup bowls look like the decorative cabbage you see planted during the fall.

Julierose said...

WOW--you must be cooking up my infamous "leftovers" soup--(I save bits and bobs of leftover veggies and freeze them to incorporate in soups);great ideas you are stirring up dunkin' lol
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

this just keeps getting better!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You have so much to work with! What a rich and hearty soup you will be making! So fun!!