Thursday, January 17, 2019

More inspiration for Dunkin stone veggie bowtie soup

Some of these ufo blocks of mine wont make it into the soup 
Our participants were way too generous sending out ingredients and I want to use them.
Once you get your ingredients and figure out a plan, name your soup.
I think mine is Dunkin stone veggie bowtie soup

This is what I have plus the 9 patches for the border
Funny, Sharon hates borders and she gave me mine lol
She blogs at vroomanquilts

I am thinking I need to find some red and gold and make more bowties in mini size
Maybe 1.5 inch squares
So my focus so far is to make a few more 9 patches for my borders
And some bowtie pasta

I started this poem.......

In 2019 I made soup with stones
And friends ingredients like beef bones
Julierose gave me Dunkin to stir
Its ok as long as he loses no fur

Jacky sent carrots. Mushrooms and tomatoes I have any potatoes?
Sharon sent pasta in shapes of bowtie 
And other cool stuff I can not lie

A red star block, hexies and 9 patch 
Too beautiful to cut up and rematch
I pulled a pot fabric of batik 
That soup pot's gonna look sweet

And I saved the end of the poem
For when I receive Colettes treasures

If anyone wants a poem just let me know.
It is another one of my useless talents lol

I am thinking it may go on the back as my label or front if i can make it not too busy 

Hows your soup coming?
Did you name it and create a plan?
Show us a peek......


Julierose said...

I am still stirring up my ingredients into ...??? something nourishing....some kind of "souper" bowl dish lol. Still trying out ideas...maybe Ochsenschwanz Suppe ..a German delicacy...(Sacre bleu!!);000

("Julierose is makin' stone soup, dicing some veggies she got from the group;
Are you all wonderin' what will be in her pot?
Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to see what she's got")

hahaha... my feeble attempt at some poetics...

hugs Julierose (aka the soup lady) said...

I found my ingredients for Sharon, and Jacky. I can't find the one I want to send you I have a couple of more places to look. Snow is in the forecast. I think it is the day to get more of my ingredients into the mail.

Jeanna said...

Your talents are limitless. I love the poem and YES, it must go on the back of the quilt.