Friday, January 25, 2019

Sneaking in the sewing room

I am SOOOOO excited to play in my new scraps for my stone soup
My plan is to start from the outside in

Sooooo these cutie petutie 9 patches Sharon so lovingly gifted to me are the start of my border.....thanks Sharon!
I have not yet determined the size
So I need between 20 and 24 blocks I think

I cut like Edward scissorhand
And sewed up a few
Me thinks I am up to 17 of them
Whoot whoot

And this was Full of scraps that I cut down
I find I use 2.5 squares and 1.5 squares
So this is how I cut them 

My 1.5 bucket is filling up again to finish my mini granny project
I love that one so so much

And an empty drawer was turned into square central for odd sizes
I have 4.5. ...4. ... 3.5....  3 etc  in here
For my little 9 patches i needed 2 inch squares so if I had enough to make 4 I cut those sizes

This project even got a little love. My flying geese migration. This spring i want to revisit it with all those colors and finish the top

So much fun........
Do I really have to go to work?  

Our intercompany courier is funny
He is an older gent and picks up paperwork from us to corporate and back.
He is always tanned from his trips to warm Florida.
He now does the hump day commercial when he comes in on Wed.
Too funny. On Fridays he does the best "fake heart attack Sanford and son style.....its the big one Esther"  and says how he didnt think he would make it to Friday

Makes a long day a little more tolerable when you work with good people who like to have fun

I guess I will go in.........

Head down, feet draggin,,,,,,,clothes full of catfur and threads.  


Julierose said...

What a picture you make with those catfurs all over and draggin' yer butt in..hahaha
I'll bet you look very spiffy!!
Love your 9-patches--I want to make my own self some Maverick stars--love those....but gotta finish makin' soup--hopefully the bowls will all be sewn together I can set the table (lol) hugs, Julierose P.S. i need some spoon fabrics right? said...

Nice 9 patches. I spy some of the ones I finally sent. LOL your mental image you gave me this morning.

Barb said...

You are so the nine patches

barbara woods said...

I can see you, Tommy picks strings off me every where we go

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I love 9 patches. Keep them going!!

Jeanna said...

Hahaha. Cat fur and threads indeed!

Those jobs do get in the way of our creative fun, don't they?