Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Soup is good when its cold

These are the rules for our stone soup
We have 5 playing along 
Some are still waiting for ingredients.
I have a plan so hoping I can work on it before my eye surgery

My last ingredients arrived from Colette and she didnt disappoint 

Some extras too. Cause Santa said I was good. He did too! Uh huh.......
A tractor pattern that I will love to make and put in my room
A tin which I love 

And in it some baby tumblers for my tumbler quilt
Yeah I know it is another ufo but it moves along a little at a time

Just look at these lovelies
Green beans carrots. Pumpkin and some moosemeat for my soup
I think the watermelon is for dessert
So it will go in the border

And look
More! ,tractors. Red trucks  Chickadees and a birdhouse fabric

A close up of my green beans

Have you all gotten your packages?
If so, post so we can see what you are starting with
Then by next Monday figure out a name for your soup and give us a little peak peak into your design process on your blog

This is on the agenda to work on
I know i know. My brother has waited long enough
Once I get a few little things outta my way this is going to be next to work on

This too is almost a flimsy
I need to get er done 

And how about these to make
While dreaming of plants and spring

Hoping my eye in feb will allow me to get things done

Say a small prayer for me jan 30 i get one eye done. 
I need to see better.....i have places to go
People to see
Quilts to make 


Julierose said...

Lovely soup ingredients...I am done with dicing my "veggies" and am beginning to mix them in...
Good luck with that eye op in a week now--hugs, Julierose said...

Glad you enjoyed your ingredients.