Thursday, January 3, 2019

Stone soup

I am getting the list of addresses together. I have a few dr apt for my eye and a funeral this weekend so I will try and get to it soon.
In the meantime......
Comb your stash for the small bits you will send off
Remember simple squares or strips are good

You will use guide I mentioned as to what to send
Sharon wants uglies....even ugly buttons
I will take whatever you send
Jacky wants country
Julierose wants purple
Colette wants yellow and white 4 patch
Rosemary hasnt said yet

That being said........
The two ten inch squares above I Sent to Jacky cause she is within walking distance lol
They say country to me...
Whats more country than rabbit stew
Or gingham ham
Get the idea?

Your mission.........pull out the ingredient you are sending to each participant 
If you send small like 10 inch square you can send in a regular envelope for regular postage

While you are looking for your ingredients to send out.....think of your stones to start your soup
I am pulling some Ufo Blocks that I dont mind cutting up etc
Pull extra as you may change your mind as you receive ingredients

For example.....if I had said green and everyone was sending me greens
I may want a multicolor block to sew with the greens slab style to cut and resew and cut and resew etc to distribute my stone and my greens. Just for example

Its YOUR stone soup
You can make it literally with a pot and soup and ingredients
Or figuratively with the stone being
What you start with and the ingredients from everyone the idea behind it of a little bit of a few things makes something good 

Make a wallhanging......i have a cute idea for the label later to remember your stone soup friends
Make a bag.......stone bring to the supermarket if you want
Make placemats and potholders with the ingredients you get

Be as creative as you want.this is supposed to be fun and get our creative bone working
And a small project to do in January to get the sewing mojo back after the holidays

Ready for some soup????


Jeanna said...

I'll be watching from the sidelines on this one. Too many irons in the fire and work travel coming up.

I like what you are giving Jacky, will be interesting to see what she makes.

Julierose said...

I am pulling out my sendables (word?? Is now!! lol) As for what I'll end up making--I may want to make another "Crossed up" in purples...and pinks?? Very Easter-ish
Good luck with your eye appointment....
Your funeral clothes are getting way too much of a workout!! Sorry...
hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

would love to but have way to much i need to work on

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I'm looking forward to see where this is going! Such an interesting idea! So sorry I'm so busy right now.