Saturday, January 26, 2019

Two to go

I sewed some more 9 patches
And laid them out to see where i stand and if what I think in my mind will work. 

I just need 2 more and it looks good 

I didnt take into consideration the seams 
So may need 4 more 

And this is so fun it may end up a lap quilt for me

Maybe the lid of the pot needs to lean against it with my button handle

I wanted a shelf with herbs in pots 
I can get too detailed

And then there is the poem that I woul like on the front
So maybe around the 9 patches

See?  Its almost a lap quilt lol
But thats ok. I dont mind
It is creative and filling a niche right now

My bow tie is a little big
Maybe i make small ones for soup and put a row of them the large size as a border further out
Or maybe I sneak it into the 9 patch border by adding to it for size

Such a fun project  and i cant wait to get started on the middle part

Hows your soup coming along?


Julierose said...

Your soup is really coming along well..simmering nicely lol
I am setting my bowls out on the table--8 more to go--lots of company to share the soup...
hugs, Julierose said...

My ingredients are sitting and aging. Like fine wine.

barbara woods said...

having so much fun watching all of you'll

Rosemary Dickinson said...

You're so creative. It's nice to watch your soup come together so nicely!

Jeanna said...

The kitty watching the soup is too cute.