Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We want soup. We want soup

I set the table  but hubs took it over

I used my best china
And my pumpkin spice muffins YUM

WAITING  for the rest of my soup ingredients to arrive
My stone I am thinking of using a batik  for my pan
The back side is muted and darker in color and looks like a used dark pan

Got some cool ingredients from Sharon at vrooman quilts

A beautiful block that I cant cut up.it will have to either go on the back or in another project 

And some 9 patches 
So beautiful
Why you making this hard for me Sharon ? Lol
These are too beautiful and may become a border

See what I mean? How can I cut up these beauties?

But this one........
Bow tie pasta in my soup
Yeah......perfect me thinks
Hee hee

So far my ingredients from friends and my pan fabric 

Soup is starting to come together

I almost have a plan too
This is gonna be so so fun

I am excited to get started
And will give you sneak peeks as I go
So you can see my creative progress on my interpretation of stone soup with my quilty friends.

And a little soup story for ya

My husbands family made a slum gullion kinda anything goes soup too.

Funny story  when my kids were small I used to make a meatball stew that really was clean the fridge soup with the constant being the meatballs 

When my son married he wanted me to give the recipe to his wife for meatball stew

I laughed and told the secret recipe. You may find summer squash or broccoli or peas in it. Whatever leftover veggies we had went in. I was known to add chopped up meatloaf too. With the meatballs who knew.

Are your ingredients arriving and stewing in your head?
Have you squashed your original plans already?
Have you cried BEANS and said I Am BEETING my brain over my plan?

No worries.....have fun......with your friends
Remember the idea behind stone soup
Each person donates a little and in the end you feed everyone soup

Feel free to email your friends and bounce ideas off them too.....
Fun is what this swap is about

Soups on........


Julierose said...

I have all my ingredients...and all purple...hmmm...pondering...
Love your coup kettle drawing--that is a souper (hah) idea...hugs, Julierose...

barbara woods said...

can't wait