Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My tired overworked helper

This is Dunkin sleeping in my room on top of hangers and curtains. Cant be too comfortable.
But one thing I can say is he is loyal.

All i have mustered lately is cutting out a turquoise bag. I really like that little bag for my granddaughter Brooklyn.
I am thinking of making a couple more for the gift box 

Hoping tomorrow after 4 solid rest days the eye will hold up for a bit

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Five more done

I am doing the happy dance around here
Can you see my feet going?
Riverdance style lol
I made the rest of the 5 bags
Blue and yellow 


Purple's and that spring green


Another spring green and purple

All safe and sound in the gift box until needed

What will I do next?

Any suggestions?

Monday, February 25, 2019

The good the bad and the ugly

So far in Feb I made this for granddaughter

Made and gifted this to Julierose 

Finished this for my niece .her birthday js in the fall

Made this for grandson

Put this top together

Made and gave away 18 bookmarks

Got this top together

And this one too

And played with some mugrugs. I am up to 6 I think

Not too bad. That was the good.

Here is the bad..

Yeah my uh hmmm Easter mugrug turned Easter bonnet that is now in the trash

And the ugly.........
I wont be blogging daily for a bit.
More eye is seperating
Not torn from the retina yet
But sounds inevitable

So back to doing nothing.
If you are so inclined to pray, please pray that this eye will stop having issues and heal
I can use as many prayers as possible 

God will help me through it.
I am putting it in His hands

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Easter came early at my house

Remember this bunny? Er um squirrel ?

I sewed the strips onto batting
Quilt and flip style  for the bag bottom
Cute right?

Then followed the directions to add the top and strap

How cute is that?

Other side

I am pleased with this
yes ladies I used the F word

I am thinking my only granddaughter
Will love this for Easter
Stuffed with peeps  my fav
And some jelly beans and
Maybe some money in an egg
Or other girly stuff like nail polish

Now the problem...
What do I make for the boys?
Three are over 14
And just 2 little ones under 10

I love this one. Hmmm
May need to get my strips out again
Or cut a slab piece the size needed and quilt it

Ut oh......i think i am in trouble 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Pulled another tin

Ever feel like you just don't want to
Sew what you have going?
I know you do or there would be no UFOs 
In the world.
Well it was one of those i had to
Play the tin game again. 
Opened a tin of blue and white blocks 

They are from i think butterfly threads 
Star quilt.
I didnt even know where i was with this so
Decided to find out. I need 4 of the large white blocks made up of 9 patches.
I made 2 and then sewed more 9 patches to make 3

Then i took out some blue for the
Star points and found that  i need to make 
More blocks with the half squares so stopped there.
Feels good to get it further along. 

Ask Dunkin......he likes it too
Hopefully by years end it can be on my bed

A little more progress
Top row and one more star point done
I am lovin it again.....
Squirrel? What squirrel?
Lots of wild animals in this neck of the woods lol
Including  one called a crazy quilter
With eye issues lol

These will be chain sewn into 4 patches
Because I can
They make great borders

Or bags
Or whatever you can dream up 
all out of
Lights and blues
Only a few blues here and there so 4 patches it is
I turned some into 9 patches for another
Ongoing project too

Got another scare with my eye
Seperating so watching my retina
Making sure it doesnt
I cant catch a break so gonna
Baby it more
Dr says if it is gonna happen
It will.  But if we catch it
They can laser instead of a full 
Blown eye surgery
Praying it will heal with
Little or no issues..

Friday, February 22, 2019

Another try at Spring

As i was cleaning up my spring scraps
I found this cute pattern.
It is called clutter bug from
This and that
It is a cute little bag so I looked
At the directions. 
Tons of 2.5 x 4.5 cuts is what I was putting away....
2.5 strips and cuts from other projects

So the first step is to take those and sew 
2 together to make a square
Then 3 squares in a row
And make 4 seperate rows

Easy peasy......
Then i pulled the fabric for the
Handle and top band....mine will be yellow 
Now to find a zipper for part 2

Thursday, February 21, 2019

It will be better with binding she said

Remember this little play session?
I sewed spring strips and cut an egg
For a mugrug
I decided to quilt it
and add binding
Because in my mind
"binding would look cute"
Now mind you I am a
Long time quilter 
And I Should know better

Once upon a time I ALWAYS cut my binding
On the bias.  If I still did this I would
NOT have this issue 

But many years ago in
Quilt guild  I switched my way
Of thinking. I dont do scallops
Or curves so it really isn't necessary 

Fast forward to today 
than try to attach
A straight cut binding to a
Round mugrug

Hence my ah hmmm
EASTER BONNET is already 
Made and waiting lol

So I rebelled and said
Forget Spring 
And continued to make winter 

Why all these small projects
And not what i.need to finish?
My eye
I am babying this eye to the
Max hoping I have no
More issues
Can I blame this 3 dimensional egg
On my eye?
Yeah......thats it
....i couldn't see

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Squirrel while cleaning

Colette of What about rheema kind 
Of gave me permission
She said she could not clean and 
Ignore squirrels
Yep...... i caved

This is another i may do
We will see.......

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Found this small quilt and made it larger 
With a border. 
Now it is a good size 
Baby quilt or a tv lap quilt
For someone whose legs get cold

Dunkin seems to be
Trying it out
I think he is looking for another quilt

How can I refuse this cutie?
He helps me no matter if its 4am
Or 8pm

This quilt and the one I bordered in
Green  are small enough I think to
Quilt without wtestling too much

I have so many larger projects to do
But don't want anything 
Happening to this eye

So i guess it is small project time 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Sewing fun

This was a little sewing from
 my 2.5 square tin.
Love working with them
Once the blocks are done
Joining them together is
A breeze. It has a way to go.

These ufo blocks had been sewn
Together. I went thru my
Stash and picked a border.

I like the finished flimsy top

I think Dunkin liked it too. 
Maybe he is thinking it is 
For him.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fall pumpkin runner done

This guy finally has
Binding. Into the gift box you go

Feb is shaping up

I tried quilting the pumpkins and
They came out cute
My niece will love this for her home.

So far in Feb i finished.....
Pumpkin table runner
Batik table topper
Knitted bunny
And about 18 bookmarks
What can i work on next?
I think I will iron fabric
For my stone soup

Saturday, February 16, 2019


I am a pattern junkie
I have 3 ring binders with them
And parts of magazines saved
I have books i bought
I have patterns i bought
I have printouts from the internet

All waiting for me to use them.

In a cleanup recently i 
organized them in one spot.  You know how you fear you have multiples? So far so good lol

And i found this 
Perfect project to make with a ufo block
I think the block they made was 10.5 inches
I like the side pockets
I may have to make one
If i do i will share a tutorial for the general concept in case you want to make one too.
Oh i wish i could stay home and sew to my hearts content.

Friday, February 15, 2019

More fun packages

This sweet package came
From my friend Barbara at wonttobequilter
A pattern, some fat quarters and scraps 
I told ya
 Thanks Barbara for making my day
I have been so spoiled.....


These are the bookmarks I have been
Making. I think I am up to about 
16 or so


And a cute strippy Easter egg
A cute mugrug in the making
Dont you just love making
Things with"nothing"?
Such fun to create

Whats going on in your sewing room?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Clean up aisle 5

Do you throw out fabric scraps?
I guess the more expensive fabric gets the less i want in the trash.
So what do you do?
Well this is a corner bookmark i made 
Using just three 4 inch squares. One is folded in half right sides out
And then one square right side up, the triangle and then one square right side down is layered.
Sew  leaving a spot open to turn
Flip and top stitch. Done 

These were wider strips
Folded in half  stitched.  Turned. Topstitched

This was a strip, a piece of batting and then really tiny pieces sewn on top
Edges trimmed and fancy stitched down 

An experiment with fabric and shipping tape to sort of laminate it

More corner ones cut

And another strip of batting ready to go. 

I think i will put them in the mailroom as little surprise take me gifts for our residents 
Lots read and share books

I have been so lucky and gifted many things that i like to pay it forward and then
Do you make little things?
How do you use your scraps?

Happy Valentine's day
Or should i say Galentines day
To my gal friends