Monday, February 11, 2019

Christmas in February?

Is there a Christmas in February?
There Is one in July  lol
I wanted some no brain sewing to get back in the saddle again

So pulled a ufo tin
I had all these Christmas charms sewn in rows of 8

See cute reindeer?
The colors are different for Christmas 
Some reds and greens 
And browns and grays

Holly and snowflakes

Ornaments. So fun
So i sewed them into a top
I just need to comb the stash for a suitable
And voila 
A possible gift for the gift box. 
Love it

Back part time to work today. Got some safety glasses to keep out dust
Will see how it goes ..

I hear that nothing has been done
Since i left on jan 29
Should be interesting.....the 
Manager in back when I called 
Said boy do I miss you!
Hope I can finish January billing and
January payments so they can close the month.  Ugh. Gonna be busy

I will miss my buddy Jacky. We would
Talk throughout the day any time
About projects etc.
Like this corner bookmark.
I am gonna make a basket full and put
Them in our mailroom for residents to take.
Most here like to read and leave books for others to read in there too.
Kind of a pay it forward

I have been blessed with good friends 
And fabric and plenty of what I need in life so like to make little surprises to make someones day.
Jacky and i have a couple things up our sleeve 
I pulled 2.5 inch blocks and
Sewed a couple for future
Easter egg mugrugs

How fun is that?
Took no time to chain piece them
Now to find egg pattern and cut
Back and batt

Here is a strippy one
This was literally 15.minutes of play

Do you make things for others?


Julierose said...

Good Luck at work today, Dawn. Don't overdo now...
Nice Christmas project coming together so well...hugs,Julierose said...

Hope work is fabulous just like you are my friend. Great projects.

barbara woods said...

hope every thing goes good today sweetie

Jeanna said...

Hope you are able to take it easy at work. By the way, I have a feeling that it is like Christmas every day at your house!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Hope you had a good first day back at work. You have plenty of cute projects to work on. Just take your time and take care of you!