Thursday, February 14, 2019

Clean up aisle 5

Do you throw out fabric scraps?
I guess the more expensive fabric gets the less i want in the trash.
So what do you do?
Well this is a corner bookmark i made 
Using just three 4 inch squares. One is folded in half right sides out
And then one square right side up, the triangle and then one square right side down is layered.
Sew  leaving a spot open to turn
Flip and top stitch. Done 

These were wider strips
Folded in half  stitched.  Turned. Topstitched

This was a strip, a piece of batting and then really tiny pieces sewn on top
Edges trimmed and fancy stitched down 

An experiment with fabric and shipping tape to sort of laminate it

More corner ones cut

And another strip of batting ready to go. 

I think i will put them in the mailroom as little surprise take me gifts for our residents 
Lots read and share books

I have been so lucky and gifted many things that i like to pay it forward and then
Do you make little things?
How do you use your scraps?

Happy Valentine's day
Or should i say Galentines day
To my gal friends


barbara woods said...

we making wheelchair quilts again this year

Jeanna said...

It depends on the scrap size whether I keep it or not. I've been saving more lately.

Happy Galentine's Day to you! said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I keep all my scraps. Tiny are used for hexies, or string blocks, and the slivers go to dog beds.