Saturday, February 2, 2019

Cleaning and knitting

In cleaning i found my knitting needles
And pinterest had a pattern for knit comfort dolls
So cute for little ones

So i pulled scrap yarn. Yeah I have scraps in that too.

Abd started the shoe area.
I am up to the shirt area now. 32 sts in stockingnet stitch. The only thing you do is make stripes for shoes. Pants  shirt head etc and on head decrease.then you can make funky hair or hat etc and give it personality. Adorable.

My 5 soup rows are sewn. Will see if wide enough

Some rice for rice bags
I like them  to warm tired neck muscles and also to warm cold feet 

What are you up to in your sewing room?

4 comments: said...

My projects are sitting on the dining room table. LOL

Julierose said...

Sewing soup bowls today and another Snowball set up to go..They are so addictive--I keep making them and I have not the foggiest notion how I will set can't make just one (kinda like potato chips, right?) Glad you can knit a bit--hugs and stay warm
GO PATS!!! ;))) julierose

barbara woods said...

hoping things are brighter today

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I had to work 6:00 to 2:30 today and I'm pooped! Not much sewing today. I hope you're doing better.