Friday, February 1, 2019

Feb goals

As with every new year and clean slate comes along  , I make my goal list and see how I do during the year.
I find I am a typical Aries ....I am a starter and my attention is easily distracted.
Thats fine as my strong point is I can roll with changes.
This year as always I am planning on some finishes.

My list was 5 projects a month. A lofty goal....but even if I fail and do
Say 3.....I am still doing well. I guess Arians like to play games with themselves too lol.

I like to play in the scraps
And I NEED that creative distraction to do my best

And yes I WILL put a BIG DENT in my UFO PILE

even while making soup
And loving the creative process of it

Dont tell me I cant have fun projects along the way. 
My feelings will get hurt......

Because this is the part of quilting I love.....
The what ifs......the I need to make that NOW

and then there are the I HAVE TOs
The projects that are cute but cookie cutter
And not creative.
But they have a purpose too

I can literally make these in my sleep
But thats ok
Cause babies spit up and they come in so very handy 

But THIS......
THIS is the part of quilting I love
Taking an idea and seeing it in real life

This was a ufo from a sewing play day where I didnt want to think
Just had to sew.....
Thats when I grab my precut strips and squares and make pieces
Or slabs 
And I finish them later.

Jan was a good month....
1. Baby quilt done
2 burp cloths 
3.tie grandsons blanket
4 red table runner
5 blue table runner
6 new cow mugrug for hubs
7 love valentine for my sewing room

Exceeded my goals!


1 soup project to move it along 
2 quilt Landons quilt
3 pull slab pumpkin runner and quilt it
4 thankful runner 
5 move Olaf further along

Yes I Know the deer quilt.....that will have to be in a month with small other goals as there is a lot left to do.....

Dont worry......February is looking good

This ufo was not on the list but it is done
A cute runner I made of batik 5 inch squares with Jenny Doan
I found a backing and finished it right before my surgery
I am calling it a Feb finish 

I also grabbed my slabbed pumpkins and found the back I ordered
It is quilted waiting for binding

See the back is a different print from the front border and not sure if it will be ok for a binding. But the hard part is done so hoping for finish in Feb

If my eye was a little better I would work on Olaf but I can't see much out of it.
Hoping this is not the outcome of my surgery. Poor hubs has been so good. Feeding the cat  Cooking  Doing laundry and taking care of me. You know....being a good wife lol. I am thankful


Jeanna said...

Praying for speedy recovery and healing...healing in so many ways! Hugs to you, my friend.

Julierose said...

Sending my prayers along, too, Dawn.
Love love those scrap strips inserts--now you've gone and DONE IT AGAIN..
I will HAVE to make some of these--;)))lol
As a Taurus I am a stubborn one and stick to things until they get done (mostly ROTFLOL); maybe that's why I don't set goals or deadlines--I would drive my OWN self crazee--ya think..

Rest up gal! Your soup is a'simmerin'..
I will be working on my bowls of Stone Soup this afternoon...and, now, [sigh} I guess some trees too...hugs and prayers Julierose

barbara woods said...

praying every day for your eye.

Donna said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery! I haven’t been able to comment in a while due to computer issues but I have been thinking about you! Rest and let hubby baby you! All those projects will be there when you heal!