Thursday, February 21, 2019

It will be better with binding she said

Remember this little play session?
I sewed spring strips and cut an egg
For a mugrug
I decided to quilt it
and add binding
Because in my mind
"binding would look cute"
Now mind you I am a
Long time quilter 
And I Should know better

Once upon a time I ALWAYS cut my binding
On the bias.  If I still did this I would
NOT have this issue 

But many years ago in
Quilt guild  I switched my way
Of thinking. I dont do scallops
Or curves so it really isn't necessary 

Fast forward to today 
than try to attach
A straight cut binding to a
Round mugrug

Hence my ah hmmm
EASTER BONNET is already 
Made and waiting lol

So I rebelled and said
Forget Spring 
And continued to make winter 

Why all these small projects
And not what i.need to finish?
My eye
I am babying this eye to the
Max hoping I have no
More issues
Can I blame this 3 dimensional egg
On my eye?
Yeah......thats it
....i couldn't see


Jeanna said...

Oh goodness. You made me laugh with the Easter bonnet comment. I do hope your eye heals completely and quickly.

Julierose said...

I know--since i rarely use bias binding I've gotten used to straight grain binding too.

Hugs, julierose

barbara woods said...

me to dear but I mostly make big quilts, Not much little stuff