Saturday, February 23, 2019

Pulled another tin

Ever feel like you just don't want to
Sew what you have going?
I know you do or there would be no UFOs 
In the world.
Well it was one of those i had to
Play the tin game again. 
Opened a tin of blue and white blocks 

They are from i think butterfly threads 
Star quilt.
I didnt even know where i was with this so
Decided to find out. I need 4 of the large white blocks made up of 9 patches.
I made 2 and then sewed more 9 patches to make 3

Then i took out some blue for the
Star points and found that  i need to make 
More blocks with the half squares so stopped there.
Feels good to get it further along. 

Ask Dunkin......he likes it too
Hopefully by years end it can be on my bed

A little more progress
Top row and one more star point done
I am lovin it again.....
Squirrel? What squirrel?
Lots of wild animals in this neck of the woods lol
Including  one called a crazy quilter
With eye issues lol

These will be chain sewn into 4 patches
Because I can
They make great borders

Or bags
Or whatever you can dream up 
all out of
Lights and blues
Only a few blues here and there so 4 patches it is
I turned some into 9 patches for another
Ongoing project too

Got another scare with my eye
Seperating so watching my retina
Making sure it doesnt
I cant catch a break so gonna
Baby it more
Dr says if it is gonna happen
It will.  But if we catch it
They can laser instead of a full 
Blown eye surgery
Praying it will heal with
Little or no issues..


Julierose said...

Love those white 16 patch squares--all the different shades really look great...would make a great background for some applique? 9And another squirrel is born ...sigh!!) Hope your eye remains stable--take it easy...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

praying they get you to laser surgery

Jeanna said...

I'm with Barbara, praying for you!!!