Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ufo blocks

Do you have ufo blocks?
Blocks that the color maybe didnt look like you thought?
Maybe it was larger or smaller than the others in your project 

Maybe they are like potato chips and you miss counted and made too many 

You could make a pillow 
Or hotpad or placemat

You could make a wallhanging

Or bag

Or medallion quilt 

How fun would this 3d idea be to frame them
I envision this with maybe 12 good sized blocks 
Making them 3d popping off the quilt 

So fun to think of the possibilities in my stash
Now I will look at ufo blocks 
in a different way

Whats in your wallet?
Er I mean stash?
I used to loathe Ufo Blocks
Now I look at them
As play opportunity

Work went ok.the guys were funny.
Made me park in handicap spot 
Carried my purse and bag in
Made sure I had what i needed
They were all nice.
Half day is all i can do for now.
It was enough for the eye.
I got 3 days of billing done so that was good.


Julierose said...

Glad they are helping you out--hope you can get home today before the weather comes in...
you don't want to be driving in the snow!!

I have a lot of UFO's--more like half-done projects and just a few blocks that I didn't like making...I don't like complicated blocks with lots of seams--plain and simple for me...my snowballs are on the edge of what I like to work on seamwise...hate those clunky intersections...

Jeanna said...

I have UFOs but not may or maybe not any orphan blocks. I've lost my sewing mojo and have been cross stitching a lot lately. I need to get in gear and work through some of my projects.

Happy to hear you had a nice and productive day.

barbara woods said...

they love you to and missed you. Hugs sweet friend

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Somehow I miss some of your blogs.....oh well. I am caught up now. Glad the boys are treating you right.