Sunday, March 31, 2019

Quilters are the best

I received a HUGE package from Sharon 
WOW so many fun things to play with

Some squares sewn together

Great fabrics

Dunkin likes this one 
Hee hee

So pretty

Look at this!

I know......pinch me

And more......

And more


Not the end yet

Feathers how fun

I shared them with Jacky
And saw that this is the direction her
Egg table runner is going


And when i came home I IMMEDIATELY
started playing in the 2.5 squares
I had started the scrappy trips and I love it

Dunkin was kinda fond of it too

Especially this fabric  ha ha

Thank you Sharon so so much

You have no idea how happy I am

Saturday, March 30, 2019

What if....

Here is purse number 9

And a slab piece I wanna try
In a bag
Will quilt and cut to size 
And see right?
12.5 x 16.5 

Two more I found and
Continued on

I am obsessed lately
I may need to open an etsy shop
Ha ha
I am thrilled how they came together
And have been thinking of my
Gift list
5 nieces
Sister and sister in law
Daughter in law
Theres 9 right there

Neighbor etc.
I could go on and on

Do you think any of the
Guys could use a manly purse????

Friday, March 29, 2019

Jacky's talkin turkey

Jacky is working on her turkey
Isnt he adorable?
She talks to the turkeys
Yep, a turkey whisperer she is....
I kid you not
One morning as i was talking to her online
She goes a turkey is strutting up my street
He was calling out probably for a mate 
So i told her he was looking for a mate

She says well he better move on
No mates here
So the conversation went on jokingly he was going through picking up turkeys of husbands
And ended with turkey sandwiches for lunch anyone?
No turkeys were harmed in this story 
But i almost had to change my clothes before work i was laughing so hard 

You know how THAT goes as you age

Anyway she is in bird mode.
And these cute chicks

And eggs

Pretty Easter eggs

That will become a runner

Fun projects going on in this neck of the woods
What fun things are you working on?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

March was good

I made lots of gifts this month

8 total

More purses
St pattys jar grippers which I never took a picture of 

I moved this project a little further along 

I started cleaning up with a scrappy trip around the world

Made hubs eyeglass cases

Rested with Dunks

Made 2 zip bags for an ex boss who had her second hip surgery

Tried an Easter log cabin mugrug
Gave to hubs

Blue yellow purse


Spring green one

Neutral one

Another spring one

More for fun 

I think March was productive for me

Mug rugs
Jar grippers
Eyeglass cases
Zip pouches
String quilted tote

On to April
I may be slower
As i will be celebrating another birthday
And its a BIG ONE

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Here chickie

Jacky taunted me with a new project
She had these cutie pies sewn in the 12 inch size

Mine are 6 inch and I think destined for a cute mugrug

They were a little fiddly to do
But oh so cute.
Here chickie chick.......
I need to iron and add some borders 
Gotta plan my next gifts to work on in April

Monday, March 25, 2019

Easter mugrug

This is not as crooked as it looks
I am a bad photographer

 I made it but it is fiddly
The strips are cut 1 inch
And when sewed half inch

But i like it......
I will make one for hubs too 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The bag lady strikes again

A previous boss just had her second hip surgery
She also has ms
I decided to surprise her with two spring zippy bags
One in blues and one in reds

I will  send off in the mail with a get well note
Hopefully it will make her day brighter

I decided to do some bags assembly line style
I sewed them up for the bottom portion
Then did all the straps
And cut the tops for zipper areas 
Above us the neutral one

Blue and yellow one 

Darker neutral one

And two spring green light ones

My next sewing session will be to grab zippers and do the tops
Once done that will put 5 more in the gift box making a total of 8
Yay! Thanks Jacky for the charms

So far my March has been productive
Gift wise 
Ufo's  not so much