Sunday, March 10, 2019

Busy as a bee

I had a day i felt like
Some easy sewing
I grabbed my hst bin with 
Them sewn,  found some
Batting scraps big enough
For mugrugs
And strips and backing
And my leftover binding tin
3 more mugrugs born
That will probably find
Their way to the mailroom
In my park
A quick use it up project
Making something useful

And sewed some 2.5 strips on granny
For the bag

Front and back. Next i need to quilt it
And line and make the tote

I um started another one
With the 2.5 squares
The hardest having the
Right number of them for the row
You need 1 then 4 then 8
Then the next row will need of the
Bag fabric before you trim
You trim allowing your
Quarter inch seam
And you have a square
Mine came out about 8.5
Then i added the 2.5 strips
Since i had them
You can make whatever size
You want to get the size bag
You want.
If you used 3.5 squares or 5 inch
It would be bigger too

Fun fun bag play for this ole
Bag lady hee hee


barbara woods said...

Glad you got to sew, we need that in times of stress

Jeanna said...

I am a believer that one can never have too many bags. You make some really nice ones.