Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dont you call me a bag lady

Ok if the shoe fits........
I finished this
Quilted bag for groceries 
Nice and sturdy
Made from scrap batting
And unwanted charm squares and lining

The colors are mostly red
So hubs will use it too

So cute.....

I decided to line it
And clear out more st Pat's fabric
I had just enough
Yay another plus

I used everything including
The kitchen sink lol
There are some old fabrics in here

I saw a selvage that said 1980
Wow.....was it that long ago?
Not Even sure if I purchased or
Inherited but it is now going
To be used and loved.

                            Did I hear you say that i was a bag lady?
An old bag?
Skin like a baggy alligator?

I guess I am getting old. I didnt hear ya too well.........
But I am a happy old lady
Bag or not..........

Well bag it is..........another one done.......

Just remember if you call me names......
Takes one to know one...wink wink! Hee hee

3 comments: said...

Awesome finish. Love the Shamrock fabric.

Jeanna said...

I love the spark and humor in today's post. I'd call this finish a lovely SUCCESS!

barbara woods said...

love and hugs to you, not as old as I am!