Monday, March 18, 2019

Dunkin wants to sew

This is my munchkin
At the door to my sewing room

Just look at that face
Mom can we sew?

So in we go.
I picked out some fabric
To make hubs some eyeglass cases
Per his request. He buys the
Cheap ones to read and 
Keeps a pair near his laptop
One pair near his recliner 
And one on bedstand
This way he can keep
Them scratch free a little longer
Ha ha

Remember those charms Jacky
Gave me?
Well I was determined not to let
Them intermingle in my stash
And cause a fabric explosion
Whats a gal to do?
I cut them for more purses 
Yessiree i did
Cut 12 at 2.5x4.5 to make the 12 
Rail fence blocks i will need 

Then of course had to just sew a few

And then sew 4 rows of 3
But dont attach the rows yet
That will be done on batting and lining
Stitch and flip style
Once that is done you
Trim them up
Fold and sew short side seams
Then make the bottoms so they
Stand up in their own  by sewing
Across the points

Yep a nice neutral kinda bag here

So now 3 more bag parts are ready to iron 
And sew and flip... 6 all together total

Gotta love it when a plan just happens
What are you making?

2 comments: said...

Wow look at you. I have two church charity quilts to work on today. Then I have several guild quilts that need to be fixed.

barbara woods said...

Busy bee! Have you seen the eye DR yet?